Saturday, September 29, 2012

Team Building #2

Every month we are going to try to do at least 1 team building activity. This month we did a red pyramid using six red cups. It was so much fun watching you all trying to build it without using your hands. It was a lot more difficult than you first thought. It was great to see that you all kept trying until you completed the task.

Vascular Plants

We have started with vascular plants, AND I was so happy to see that you remember so much from what we did last school year. That means that this year we can learn more specific details, more information, more academic words and concepts....MORE, MORE, MORE. I am so excited.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

GREAT Back 2 School!

I want to thank all of you who attended. It was a great opportunity to share with your parents about what to expect in 5th grade, to go over some projects coming up, how homework is a little different, end of the year activities and other important information. Here a few pictures of some great projects!

I would also want to share with you that they were so proud of you when you received your medals. Remember that to stay in ADVANCE status you must work just as hard as you did to get there; if it is worth it, it will take lots of hard work and dedication to achieve. Do not worry about things that seem difficult at times, just keep trying, ask for help, GET help, and practice, practice, practice!
 Language Arts recipients.

Mathematics recipients.

Summing Up Digestion

I am really proud of all of you for putting forth the effort to learn so much new information on the digestion system. Your "bodies" came out so cute and they were filled with lots of details. This project helped many of you do so well on your digestion quiz today. Great job and keep up the awesome job!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Sight of a Lifetime

Today was an extremely awesome day! We were able to see history in the making and we now have a memory to share forever. The shuttle Endeavour, riding piggyback on a modified Boeing 747 carrier aircraft with two escort jets, made a low flyover above our own Bridge Street School. The space shuttle Endeavour not only passed by our own school, it took to the skies above California for its last-ever flight today (Sept. 21), giving observers from Sacramento to Los Angeles a one last chance to see a NASA shuttle soar through the air atop a jumbo jet. I know that it was an amazing experience for all of us and I am so glad we were able to experience it together!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Vector Visitation

On Wednesday the 19th, we had the Vector Mobile come visit our classroom. They shared interesting information about the detection and prevention of disease carrying insects like mosquitoes. In the mobile, the stations were informative and fun at the same time. Thanks to the great instructors from the vector team for bringing their cool insect boxes, video, mobile and hissing cockroach from Madagascar.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Digestion in the Small Intestine-Part 1

Part 1
We are shaving so much fun learning about our amazing bodies.  Today we looked at the role and function of the digestive system. We discussed how once the bolus leaves the stomach and enters the small intestine, it is the the consistency of a smoothy, therefore easier for the the blood stream to absorb nutrients. We then did the following activity:

Water -- the great dissolver

This activity really helped us "see" that nutrients without the assistance of water just stay there. Once we added the water, it was very easy to see how the nutrients left the small intestine and are transported into the blood (the inner cup). Amazing!

Here is a picture of before we added water and after we added water.
We even added capillaries!

Tomorrow we will be doing another activity that helps to explain the breakdown of fats and proteins in the small intestine with the assistance of the liver and pancreas. Will post those pictures too.

Remember you can try the activity at home and explain it someone. The best way to remember and keep it in your schema is to teach it to someone---so go ahead and be a great teacher!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Digestion-Gross & So Cool!

Remember to review your notes in your science journal. We will be having a quiz on the digestive system on Thursday. Everything you need to know is in your notes. We will review together so that you can fill in any missing information/drawings. We will also be making some study cards. Here are some photos of your learning:

Looking back at my pictures, some of you were doing an excellent job staying focused and taking your notes.

With our quiz coming up on Thursday, this is a good time to remind you all of the importance of taking good, detailed, and accurate notes. These were the ones that were neat, thorough, and colorful. I couldn't decide on a winning notebook because they were all so good, so here are all 6.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Dreams of Young Minds

I see so much potential in all of you and know there is nothing you can't do once you set your mind to it and work at it until it becomes a reality. It may be sooner than later, or later than sooner, but never loose hope. I believe in all of you, and I feel very proud to be part of making your dreams a reality.

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