Monday, November 26, 2012

Early Explorers

We discovered that the Americas are the result of the early European explorers. We know that it was an "accident" to how the land got "discovered". There were many horrendous things done by many to the natives, and planting a flag for another country still baffles us, but the Americas of today were shaped but these and more events. We cannot argue that these explorers were brave and adventurous. With the help of better navigational tools, vessels, crews, financial sponsors, and inventions (printing press), explorers set sail across uncharted territory and endured the treacherous weathers. It was their will to find a new route to Cathay, present day China, that led to them "finding" many other things, animals and peoples instead. Above all, it was confirmed that our planet was round and that Europe, Asia, and Africa were not the only continents of our earth. It expanded the thinking of all peoples. 

It was amazing to see all your learning come together in your wonderful projects. The details, creativity, and thoroughness was truly 5th grade work and beyond. I am very proud of your hard work!

Take a looksie...

Sunday, November 11, 2012

What is Achievement?

Through the years I have seen you blossom into incredible little people who have tremendous abilities, gifts, likes, thoughts, ideas, and dreams.
I KNOW I expect a lot from you in everything we do.  I tell you to write, then write again and again until you have polished your ideas. I expose you to the magic of reading and hope to instill the endless ideas that reading brings.  I want you to be great spellers in order to express yourself clearly. I want you to have academic words flowing through you and empowering you to comprehend great things. I want you to show your work in math to develop deep understandings and be able to instruct others.  I want you to be inquisitive and marvel at our world and beyond. I want you overall to use your brain everyday and at the same time to listen to your heart. By doing this, you will always be giving your own individual best.

As part of want I want for you, I also know that I must and always strive to do, is to provide you with many tools and strategies to be successful.

As your teacher, I wanted (and still want) to provide you with a strong and solid elementary base...


I believe that if you have a strong base you will be able to build on it in any direction (schema), to expand your knowledge (new knowledge & thinking), and have limitless rooms (ideas). Life is so full of wonder, enjoy it. I want you to question and ask questions. I want you analyze things and come to your own conclusions. I want you to disagree politely. I want you to back up your thoughts. I want you to love learning.
This will allow you to do absolutely anything your heart desires as an adult. That may be going on to a university, a vocation, a career. What ever it may be, you will be qualified and ready. What I can tell you is, that making wise choices and always striving to do your best gets you a lot closer to that goal.


This does not mean that the road to achieving your goals will be easy (nothing worthwhile ever is), but never giving up is the key.

Don't ever lose hope in yourself, never let anyone tell you you can't achieve something (prove them wrong), and if you need help, ASK for it. No one ever gets to their destination on their own. We need assistance throughout the way.

So no matter where life may take you, always remember that I believe in you and your ability to succeed.


To answer the question what is achievement?, achievement means reaching your own personal goals in life and everyday being able to do what you love, because then it is no longer a job, it is your dream. 
Congratulations on your achievements and always strive to continue to achieve.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Author Visit

Today was such an exciting day! We had the amazing privilege to have author Mary Ting visit our school, talk with us about the importance of writing and reading, and have our books autographed. Hello!

  Big Things Come in Small Packages is about Zoey and her friends Katie, Abby, Megan, and Nathan. I love that the story is told from Zoey's point of view. It is all about the adventures these kiddos have at school, how they deal with them, how to stick up for themselves using their words, and that big things can come in small packages. The dialogue is catchy and very humorous. I loved how we found the exact words from the title in the story while we were reading. I think that using words from your writing to formulate your title is a great technique. Those of you haven't had the opportunity to read this scrumptious story as of yet, it will be in the classroom library (NOT my autographed copy).

Artists Get Ready! 
The best part is that Mrs. Ting is getting ready to publish her next book and we have the opportunity to be the illustrators of this new book. Now that is FANTASTIC! That kind of opportunity does not come around that often (if ever), so get ready to publish your best work.  Imagine, your illustration being published in a book that can be read all over the world. WOW. I can't wait to see who gets chosen.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thanksgiving Pencil and T-shirt

This month our pencil theme is a turkey for our pencil and the T-shirt. They came out awesome. We will be wearing them for our Thanksgiving feast portrait. Of course you can wear them as often as you like before that.

Don't forget to say thank you to Mrs. Franco for all her hard work!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

"Boogie" Juice

Halloween was sooooo much fun! There were so many awesome customs. Some were scary, others, cute, and yet others were very creative. I think we all agree that our favorite was the ice cream man. He was surely adorable.
It is difficult to say what is my absolute favorite Halloween activity, but I must sat that I especially liked making the "boogie" juice together. Now wasn't that concoction delicious? I sure thought so. I am including the list of items so that you can make it again at your house with your family. Don't worry if Halloween is over. You can call it something else and still enjoy a delicious treat. Let me know if you try it again or if you try it with different ingredients.

orange sherbet, pineapple juice, orange soda, and skulls (optional)

 Now doesn't this look scrumptious?

 Yummy, yummy in my tummy!

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