Tuesday, June 4, 2013

End of the Year for 5th Grade

Our final week together was so much fun! There were so many activities planned out for all of you. The fifth grade teachers really strove to make these last days for you as memorable as possible. The first on the list was Corona Del Mar. It is a beautiful beach in Newport Beach with amazing tide pools. There was even a cave. We were able to see crabs scurrying about, clams glued to rocks, different porous rock formations and steep cliffs. Being so close to the harbor allowed us to be spectators of amazing boats sailing by. You definitely had an amazing time in the cool waters. All the slashing and running through the sands created much laughter in the air. I am so happy you all had so much fun!

Corona Del Mar   

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Shakey's Pizza
Shakey's Pizza is always a favorite. There was so much food and you all had so much fun hanging out with each other.
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Teachers vs. Students--Kickball Game
You all gave the teachers a run for their money. The game was so close, but the teachers made a miracle run at the end and won the game. I am very proud of the good sportsmanship you all showed. The game was exciting and it brought all of us together.

                         28 to 26
                                     What a match!
Movie Day
Movie day was full of movies, nachos, and hot dogs. The only part I did not like was that I had to spend the day packing. :(

Culmination was a very special day for me. After so many years together, you were all ready to culminate. I could not be prouder of you all and all the progress and learning that took place. Not only did we learn so much, you made friendships that will last a lifetime. As you head on out on your next journey, I wish you all the absolute best! Remember that as you all become great professionals, it is important to give back to your communities. Above you, don't forget to invite me to your graduation...I will be there!

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Fun Friday-Autograph Day--Last Day of School
Fun Friday needs no explanation. It was a day filled with fun activities.

Knott's Berry Farm
This was a very memorable field trip. You were all so excited to be there. I know for many of you it was the first time in an amusement park, and I am so glad I got to share that experience with you. We were able to get on so many rides, take lots of pictures, and eat lots of food. It will definitely always be ne of my favorite trips.
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5th Grade Picnic

It is so sad to realize that our last picnic together has passed.

I know you all looked forward to our end of the year picnic as a time to chow down and spend with friends. I am truly glad this was one of our traditions every year.
 Well, the day sure started out interesting enough...
First, we could not get the fire started because of the wind. So much for ready to light charcoal. And, secondly, once the flames got going they seemed to have a mind of their own. After that, the day was as smooth as butter. You all played one thing or another. We definitely had enough hamburgers to feed an army and quench their thirst. I am really glad you all had so much fun. I hope you keep these fond memories with you forever, because being a kid is one of the best things in life.

I will truly miss you all...

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